See why we chose to support
Maxfield Elementary

(and watch what happens)

Ditch + Adopt-A-Classroom + Maxfield Elementary

Ditch teamed up with Adopt-A-Classroom to help the teachers at Maxfield Elementary (St Paul, MN) purchase much needed supplies for their kids. With Adopt-A-Classroom, teachers choose how they use the funds in their classroom.

Why Maxfield?
95% of the kids live at or below the poverty level
30% of the kids will experience homelessness this year
50% of the kids experienced homelessness in the past 5 years

At schools like Maxfield Elementary, teachers go above and beyond to support their students.

Interested in helping teachers?

If you’d like to donate to a specific classroom, visit

91% of teachers

spend their own money providing basic school supplies for their students whose families are unable to afford them


average amount teachers spend of their own money on classroom supplies

20% of teachers

spend over $1,000 of their own money on classroom supplies

Thanks to our friends – their hard work made this happen.

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